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Thursday, May 21, 2009

@TastiDLite Announces 1000th Follower Contest

Tasti has been all up on the Twittersphere for just over a year now--it's clearly a huge priority (rightly so) for the online team. They've been using the account to interact with customers, announce store openings, hold contests, post photos, ask questions, and more. The team has been running the account quite effectively.

For some reason, the follower count hasn't quite hit the growth I'd imagine they are hoping for. The rather personality-less Pinkberry account has almost four times the followers (in less time). It's especially perplexing given the fanatic relationship customers tend to have with the company. Presumably in an effort to bolster up the fanbase (=follower count), Tasti has announced a contest. There are currently 971 followers. The 1000th follower receives a personalized private party at the Columbus Circle flagship store for 20 friends with free Tasti, a "fail whale" cake, product samplings, and giveaways. Lovin' it!

The strategy is tricky--at what point will the follower count hit the tipping point in which a block of friends can band together FTW? We shall see. Nine new followers signed up in the past 24 hours. (Hopefully the contest is protecting against fake/spam accounts people might create in order to win the contest?)

In any case, we'll be...following...the contest. Tasti's social media strategy is pretty spot on.

(In related news, Tasti D-Lited heads back to New York in less than week! Tasti time!)