As my visits to Tasti D-Lite became increasingly frequent, I realized what kept me coming back was the excitement and intrigue that comes with the flavors of the day. Why every flavor looks like chocolate or vanilla is as much a mystery to me as it is to you, but this blog aims to serve as a repository for reviews on and pictures of each Tasti flavor--enjoy!

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Berryline Thrives in Harvard Square

So, I'm finally heading to Tasti-land (NYC!) tomorrow afternoon, so flavor reviews will be forthcoming. But, in my last day in Boston, I had to check out Berryline, which I've been hearing from all my friends who go to Harvard. Berryline is the first to market in Harvard Square--which, by the way, would be a great location for Tasti D-Lite (hopefully they'll get there soon). I was fairly impressed with Berryline--it's basically exactly the same as Pinkberry, Red Mango, etc. The taste was the same, the toppings are the same, the name is...similar. But, it's interesting to note how devoted Harvard Square residents are to it already--I went twice today (Oreo with Strawberry and Kiwi, then Original with Strawberry and Blueberry), and it was packed both times. Most people in line who I asked hadn't heard of Pinkberry at all. It will be interesting to see how the whole Pinkberry-like food competition will pan out. None of the companies has too much notoriety or too many locations, and the product is the same. It will be interesting to see if Tasti decides these companies are competition or not--I tend to think not.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Best Customer Quote

The official Tasti D-Lite blog has kindly recognized us again, citing this post as including the "best customer quote on the internet." We headline the top 10 list! Thanks!

The Quote:

"I like to imagine that until the moment I step into the store, the flavors of the day have yet to be decided, and as I push the door open, the frozen dessert gods scan my soul and offer flavors as some sort of karmic redemption."

Tasti Introduces Green Tea, PB Moosemellow

This weekend, over 40 participating Tasti stores introduced the two newest flavors to the Tasti D-Lite community--Green Tea and PB Moosemellow. PB Moosemellow is a snazzed-up name for Moose Tracks ice cream, a personal favorite of mine. I'm quite excited to try the flavor. Green Tea would appear to be a response to the Pinkberrys of the world--Green Tea is one of the two original Pinkberry flavors. The press release acknowledges this, proclaiming that Green Tea "captures one of the hottest flavor trends." In any case, new flavors are always fun.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tasti Goes International

This past week, Tasti D-Lite announced its first international franchising deal with Coffee Bean Korea Co., Ltd. The deal will bring Tasti D-Lite to South Korea, the first country outside the U.S. to receive Tasti goodness. CEO Jim Amos points out that South Korea is a strong first international location because several "fad yogurt chains" have had great success in the country. It is not specifically noted in the press release that Red Mango, the increasingly popular Pinkberry rival, is based in South Korea and is extremely popular there before coming to New York.

Of course, it's a little hard to believe that Tasti will reach South Korea before, say, Boston, or even Chicago. The deal with Coffee Bean makes some sense, as Coffee Bean fanatics on the west coast are quite similar to Tasti fanatics on the east coast. I doubt it will, but if the deal was extended domestically, I'd imagine it would be quite successful. In any case, the international expansion is certainly exciting for Tasti--I look forward to getting my first e-mail from a Korean Tasti addict.

[EDIT: A commenter points out that there is no connection in the deal between Tasti and The Coffee Bean. It so happens that the main franchiser in South Korea of The Coffee Bean is also working with Tasti D-Lite now. There is no connection between the two companies.]

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Mounds

It's been quite a while since we've had a flavor review on Tasti D-Lited, but we were able to make it into the city for a morning and stopped by a Tasti. It was interesting to see the prominence of the promotion for the new smoothie and sundae lines, but sadly I did not have time to try them out.

Instead, I got Peanut Butter Mounds, with high expectations. I gave Peanut Butter a four-star review back in October and noted how many more varieties of peanut butter remain. Of course, I'm now running into trouble--Peanut Butter Mounds, as most of the peanut butter flavors will be, was incredible, equal to original Peanut Butter. But I don't want to get set in a precedent of giving four stars to each peanut butter inspired blend!

So, we'll give it three stars, and save four stars for peanut butter flavors that go over the top. But, Peanut Butter Mounds was an excellent way to finally get my Tasti fix.

TASTI (3 of 4 stars)

100 calories/serving

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Franchising Program Details

Tasti D-Lite filed a very thorough press release on Friday with announcements about the franchising program. The details are fairly promising:

- 36 previously independently owned Tasti stores have switched over to become Tasti franchises. This does not appear to include my local New Haven location. The press release notes that Tasti is currently through over 60 independent stores--interesting to note they only have about half on board at this point. And, of course, these 36 stores are but a fraction of the 500-center franchise planned within five years.

- These stores will be remodeled to fit Tasti's new brand image (paid for by Tasti).

- These stores will have exclusive access to the new flavors and products Tasti will be releasing in the next few months (exciting!).

Exciting stuff! We'll be in New York just for the morning tomorrow, but will be sure to stop by Tasti. So expect the first flavor review in months tomorrow!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Columbia Reacts to Pinkberry Revelation, as Pinkberry Ascends

Last week was a tough one for Tasti competitor Pinkberry with the publication of their (quite unnatural) ingredients, but they seem to be regaining momentum. I hate to see Pinkberry take even one customer from Tasti, so these items are not very inspiring.

- Tasti D-Lited previously covered the Pinkberry v. Tasti battle at Columbia University. The Columbia Spectator reports that students are not deterred by the revelation of Pinkberry's ingredients. In fact, the Spectator goes as far as to claim that Pinkberry is still healthier than Tasti and Yolato.

- Tasti has heralded itself as New York's favorite frozen yogurt/dessert for a number of years now. But, in perhaps the most tangible effect Pinkberry has had on Tasti, Time Out New York's yearly survey has given this title to Pinkberry this year. A sad day indeed.

Look forward to some more Tasti-centric posts soon, hopefully. Tasti D-Lited finally relocates back to New York in less than a month!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tasti D-Lited Shout Out

Tasti D-Lited was given a shout out today in the official Tasti D-Lite blog. It's quite nice, so many thanks!