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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

NEW IMAGE: Don't Feel Guilty. Please. Seriously.

The biggest change between the old, ugly website and the shiny, new one is the image Tasti is projecting. Cover up the ice cream scoop in the top left corner, and it's quite hard to tell if the site is for an ice cream change or a health-conscious spa and resort.

The central photo rotates between a determined woman stretching before a liberating work-out, two happy women laughing at a joke, and a young couple barefoot on the beach. All happy, all skinny, all young, all pretty. In addition to the (rather clever) tagline "dessert your guilt," the site features "refresh revive renew," "for your active lifestyle," and "your very own guiltless pleasure." The stock banner that runs throughout the site features kiwis, oranges, and blueberries. It's clear Tasti is branding itself as the place the trendy soccer mom stops between pilates and sushi. Is this necessarily the niche Tasti best fills? Perhaps--but it also might alienate a large portion of its potential base--namely, the entire male gender.

This new image (no matter how you look at it, an improvement on the scattered and shoddy feel Tasti formerly projecting) coupled with the expansion plans places Tasti in the Starbucks/Whole Foods type of brand--the chain that expands and expands, while still desperately holding on to the fresh, high quality feel so important to its customer base.

Be sure to check out the new site in its entirety.

The State of the Tasti:
1. New Website Reveals Big Plans
2. Expansion: Certainly Bigger, Possibly Better
3. New Image: Don't Feel Guilty. Please. Seriously.

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